Peer review Process

All manuscripts sent in are first subject to a preprocess check performed by the editorial board. The manuscript is checked to see if it complies with all the agreed-upon points in the checklist during submission, such as the style format, language, and authorship.

After passing the preprocess check, manuscripts are sent to the editor-in-chief, where they will be checked for other factors mentioned in the submission guidelines, such as originality, similarity rate, and figure's clarity.
Finally, the editorial board/ editor sections will assign the manuscript to two evaluators specializing in the research paper's subject, where it will be subjected to a double-blind review.

A preliminary decision will be sent to the author, informing him of any issues/ criticisms of the submitted manuscripts. The author must then amend the manuscript by addressing the reviewers' & editor's recommendations and resubmit the manuscript.
The final manuscript will be checked, and a final decision will be performed based on the reviewers' recommendations, as follows:
•    Accept submission
•    Revisions required (Minor / Major)
•    Resubmit for review
•    Reject the submission

Editorial and Publishing Process procedures following the OJS system (
as shown below.

Editorial and Publishing Process