Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines 

Authors are invited to make a submission to this journal. All submissions will be assessed by an editor to determine whether they meet the aims and scope of this journal. Those considered to be a good fit will be sent for peer review before determining whether they will be accepted or rejected.

An editor may desk reject a submission if it does not meet minimum standards of quality. Before submitting, please ensure that the study design and research argument are structured and articulated properly.

The ACA journal accepts unpublished and original research papers, review articles, theoretical articles, and reports and studies to be submitted under consideration for publication. All authors should register with the journal before submitting the manuscripts, and all manuscripts/authors must conform to the following guidelines:

  • The article should be written in MS Word software and should follow the APA Style format. (One-Column, double space, 10-point Times New Roman, No author's information -Blind copy-)
  • Written in English, using either American or British spelling, and should be clear, concise, and grammatically correct.
  • The article should be original research work and should not be unpublished/ sent anywhere.
  • The article should be plagiarism-free, with less than a 20% similarity rate.
  • All authors must agree to the Copyright Statement when submitting the manuscripts.
  • All authors must take full responsibility for the manuscript's content, contribute equally, and agree on the authorship order.
  • All authors declare that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this paper.
  • All figures should be precise (high resolution) and Original rather than copied from other media.
  • Authors should mention any ethical approval committees and the approval number/ID, if applicable (dealing with humans or animals).
  • Authors should mention on request all sources/ raw data used in the manuscript and guarantee that all data used is genuine with no fabrication.

Manuscripts must contain the following:

  • Title: Clear title describing the objectives of the work (not vague), no abbreviations, and at maximum two lines long. Please remove the author's information from the paper and send it in a separate document.
  • Abstract: Clear summary at a maximum of 250 words, including the introduction, methods, findings, and conclusion sections.  The abstract should be able to stand on its own. This will increase the likelihood of reviewers agreeing to review the paper.
  • Research body: Follow research methodology standards. Including Introduction, Background, Methods, Results and Discussions, Conclusions, and References sections.