Applying Virtual Reality Experiments on Teaching kids from Teacher and Parent's perspective


  • Aaisha S. AlShibli Author
  • Arwa K. AlSariri Author



Virtual Reality, , Teaching kids, Experiments on Teaching, Teaching Methods


In this research paper, we applied experiments using virtual reality technology to teach young students with the participation of their teachers and parents. This technology was applied to second-grade students, approximately 39 male and female students, and they were distributed into groups containing a certain number of students studying one common topic among them, using virtual reality glasses to watch a video explaining the required topic. All selected topics were mathematics only to achieve satisfactory results. After that, the teacher distributed activities to the students without any prior explanation of what was seen, and the parents also discussed with the students to determine the amount of comprehension and understanding of what was accomplished using this technology. The results showed correct and rapid responses for most students, up to 89.74%, compared to 10.25% of the students who did not complete their performance. We hope to apply some of the modern technologies to teach students and provide them with the desired experiences for the future of the country.







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