Improving Digital Satellite Image for security purposes


  • Huda Hamdan Ali Author



Satellite image analysis, image processing, mean filter, wavelet transformation, SVM model


Satellite imagery is employed in many different fields of study. These pictures have serious quality problems. Image enhancement algorithms, however, can improve it in terms of contrast, brightness, feature elimination from noise contents, etc. These algorithms present and analyse the picture's properties by sharpening, focusing, or smoothing the image. Therefore, the specific application determines the goal of picture enhancement. This paper briefly overviews picture enhancement methods that produce optimal and progressive outcomes for satellite images used for secured remote sensing. To do this, various image enhancement techniques are used, which are widely used today to improve image quality across various image processing applications. Some commonly used image enhancement techniques include spatial filtering, contrast stretching, and histogram equalisation. These techniques aim to enhance the visual quality of satellite images by adjusting brightness and contrast and reducing noise. These methods can also improve the interpretability of the images for remote sensing purposes. The enhancement of satellite images finds use in several fields, particularly security. It is essential for security applications, including threat detection, border control, and surveillance. Security professionals may more effectively analyse and understand data to spot any dangers or questionable activity by boosting the visual details and general quality.


Keywords: Satellite image analysis; mean filter; secured application; SVM; wavelet transformation


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