Editorial Team


Google scholar:  Prof. Dr. Nameer N. EL-Emam
Professor of Computer Science, College of Computer Sciences and Informatics

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems/Computer Science

Amman Arab University, Amman–Jordan,
P.O. Box 2234 - Amman 11953 - Jordan 

Tel:  +962 79 902 4000

Website: Nameer N. EL-Emam


Editorial Office Manager

Google scholar: Prof. Jabar H. Yousif

Associate Professor. Faculty of Computing and Information Technology , Sultanate of Oman.
P.O. Box (44) , Sohar , 311
Phone: +968 26850100 / Ext: 307

Website: Jabar H. Yousif                                               , ORCID


Editorial Board

1.Google scholar: Prof. Dr. Hamid A. AL-Asadi,
Computer Science Department, Faculty of Education for Pure Science, Basra, Iraq.

Website : Hamid A. AL-Asadi                                               , ORCID


2. Google scholar: Dr. Ali Alawneh
Associate Prof. Management Information Systems, Philadelphia University, Jordan.

Website : Ali Alawneh                                                            , ORCID


3. Google scholar: Dr. Maram Bani Younes
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of IT ,Philadelphia University, Jordan.  

Website : Maram Bani Younes                                            , ORCID


4.Google scholar: Dr. Feras N. Al Attar
College of Engineering , National University , Sultanate of Oman.

Website: Feras Alattar                                                      , ORCID


5. Google scholar: Prof. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Saini

Manipal University Jaipur, Department of Computer & Communication Engineering, , India.

Website: Dinesh K. Saini                                                    , ORCID


6. Google scholar: Prof. Dr. Kashif Zia

Associate Professor. Faculty of Computing and Information Technology , Sultanate of Oman.
P.O. Box (44) , Sohar , 311.

Website: Kashif Zia                                                 , ORCID


7. Google scholar: Dr. Falah Y. Hamode

Assistant Professor. Faculty of Computing and Information Technology , Sultanate of Oman.
P.O. Box (44) , Sohar , 311
Phone: +968 26850100 / Ext: 160

Website: Dr. Falah Y. Hamode                                             , ORCID


8. Google scholar: Prof. Dr. V. Rajinikanth

Dr. V. Rajinikanth, M.E., Ph.D,
Professor,Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engg.,
St. Joseph’s College of Engineering,
Chennai 600 119, Tamilnadu, India.

Website: Prof. Dr. V. Rajinikanth                                       , ORCID


9. Google scholar: Dr. Durgesh Srivastava

Dr. Durgesh Srivastava, Associate Professor, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab, India.

Website: Dr. Durgesh Srivastava                                       , ORCID


10. Google scholar: Prof. Dr. Vishal Bharti

Maharishi Markandeshwar Engineering College,
Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University)
Mullana (Ambala)-133207

Website: Prof. Dr. Vishal Bharti                                       , ORCID


11. Google scholar: Prof. Dr. Ali F. Marhoon

Electrical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq
Website: Prof. Dr. Ali F. Marhoon                                            , ORCID




Associate Reviewer Board

1.Google scholar: Dr. Eimadeldin Abusham ,
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology , Sultanate of Oman.

Website:  Eimad Eldin Abusham                               , ORCID

2.Google scholar: Dr. Kefaya Qaddoum
Assistance Prof. Intelligent systems & AI, Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates

Website: Kefaya Qaddoum                                        , ORCID

3.Google scholar: Dr. Alaa Aljanaby
University of  Waikato College, New Zealand.

Website: Alaa Aljanaby                                                , ORCID

4. Google scholar: Dr. Shubair Abdul-Kareem Abdullah

Faulty of Education & Basic Science – Department of Instructional and Learning Technologies , Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman

Website: Shubair Abdul-Kareem Abdullah             , ORCID

5 . Google scholar: Prof. Hind Rustum Mohammed
Department of Computer Science , Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Kufa, Iraq.

Website: Hind Rustum Mohammed                          , ORCID

6. Google scholar: Dr. Abbas H. Hassin AlAsadi

Faculty o Computer Science and Information Technonlogy, University of Basrah

Website: Abbas H. Hassin AlAsadi                             , ORCID

7. Google scholar:  Dr.Qusay Omran Mosa

College of Computer Science & IT/ University of Al-Qadisiyah - Iraq

Website:   Qusay Omran Mosa                    , ORCID

8. Google scholar:   Dr. Ammar Muthanna Smieee

Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, RUDN University, Russia.

Website:   Dr. Ammar Muthanna Smieee                   , ORCID

9. Google scholar:  Prof. Dr. ILEA MIHAIL -OVIDIU

Department of  Medical Biosciences,  University of Medicine and Pharmacy "GRIGORE T.POPA", University Street, no.16.700015, Iasi, Romania.

Website:   Prof. Dr. ILEA MIHAIL -OVIDIU                   , ORCID


The full list of reviewers is not made public in order to maintain the anonymity of the reviewing process.